Mold Care

Mold Care

- Before storing, if at all dirty the mold should be gently cleaned by hand with a gentle soap solution and gently wiped fully dry.

- Do not touch the inside of the mold with fingers as it may smudge residue which will affect your finished piece. (only touch under running water while washing it out)
- Molds should be stored on a level surface in a cool, dry environment.
- If dust or hair is found on the mold, simply use masking tape to remove it. Do not scratch or rub at the mold as it will wear the mold and turn the mold from a glossy to matte look.
- Treat it gently, stretching and pulling will diminish the life of the mold.
- Heat, alcohol, and abrasive resins (super fast cure resins) will shorten the lifespan of any silicone mold.
- DO NOT use a torch directly on your mold. This will damage your mold. 

Molds are made with platinum cure silicone, which cures to a soft strong rubber, which are tear-resistant and heat resistant up to 450F.

You will be able to cast resins, wax, gypsum, concrete, soap and other materials with this mold. NOT A FOOD SAFE MOLD!

Since these molds are made by hand there may be slight imperfections, but they will not affect the casted piece.