Rosewood Pigment Powder

Rosewood Pigment Powder

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Get ready for your next project to be truly mesmerizing with the help of our high-quality pigments!

Our pigments are high quality and finely milled, which makes them easy to mix in many mediums. Great for use in resin, watercolor, acrylic paint, nail polish, soaps, wax melts, bath bombs, makeups and many other arts and crafts!

Pigment Type: Mica pigment power (shimmery)

Particle size: 10-60μm

Measured by: Weight

Available in .25 oz and 1oz jars

Ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxide

Uses: Safe for general cosmetics, soap, candles, resin, clay and other crafts.

* Our Mica Pigment Powders are makeup grade and soap stable however bath and body products are not our area of expertise so while we provide you with the ingredient information it is your responsibility to know safety and regulations for the products you make.

*Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors in photos may appear differently from my monitor to yours. Colors may also appear a little different in person then they did on a monitor. All photos are taken by me on our studio with professional lighting and cameras. Everything is edited to look as accurate as possible*