Mermaid Magic Micro Magic Holographic Glitter

Mermaid Magic Micro Magic Holographic Glitter

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Get ready for your next project to be truly mesmerizing with the help of our glitters!

Holographic glitter has a full spectrum rainbow reflection adding a dynamic rainbow sparkle to the base color.

All our glitters are made from high quality PET film (polyester) which does not dull or bleed under solvents such as resin or nail polish and is heat resistant for use in soaps, candles and more. Because of their high shine and superior quality, you can confidently create beautiful and professional projects!

Glitter Type: Holographic/Laser *reflects a rainbow of colors*

 Flake Size: Ultra fine 1/360”

Flake Shape: Hexagon

Measured: By Weight

Available sizes and Packaging: 1oz bag

Material: PET 100% Polyester

UV & Solvent Resistant: Yes

Great for use in resin art, tumbler designs, polymer clay, soaps, candles, nail polish, slime, scrapbooking, card making, general crafts and so much more. Polyester glitter is safe for skin contact, but not advised for lips due to possible ingestion and eye safety is still a concern when it gets too close to eyes where it could fall in. *If you are using our products for bath and body products it is your responsibility to do your own research into the safety and regulations for your finished products.

*While our glitters are solvent resistant, we haven’t been able to test every solvent out there as many new ones are constantly created and people always come up with new ways to use glitter! Due to this we encourage you to test a small batch of whatever you are creating to make sure everything works together properly before testing large batches.

*We work very hard to accurately represent each color as it appears in person. Please note our products are photographed in photo studio settings with full and bright light. Due to the many variations in monitors, browsers, and lighting colors in photos may appear different on screen versus in person. *

*Colors may shift slightly from batch to batch as the film they were cut from were dyed in separate lots*